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Laser Cutting Specialists: Contact us today to discuss your profile cutting requirements.



Precision Laser Cutting

High Accuracy, Excellent Quality keeping costs down. Specialising in numerous sheet metals, acrylics and wood with low waste.

Laser Cut Signage, Logos & Screens

Laser cut your company logo in the material of your choice for an elegant, stylish and durable sign on your building or vehicle. Choose from our designs or create your own for personalised gates or garden wind screens to create a unique and creative feature for your home.

Easy Clean Cut

Straight from your CAD drawings or sketches we produce your designs when you need a one-off item or mass production of parts for large commercial projects.

Fast Production Times

Need parts made quickly? Send us your design using our online tool and choose the Express Option.





"FIK laser are a great company to deal with. Always friendly, honest and straight up if a job is within their capabilities and/or the time frame so there is no misunderstanding. We get fast turnaround even with short notice of giving them a job. Good care is always taken with the materials particularly stainless as to not contaminate it.
- Tony Jump, Contract Mechanical.

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FIK Laser

For all your requirements see us at FIK Laser for a professional and fast solution. We are dedicated to delivering quality precision laser cut profiles and parts.

  • Precision Laser & Profile Cutting
  • Brake Press
  • Guillotine