Ricardo joined our team earlier this year, and boy are we pleased to have him! Hailing from Portugal, Ricardo is actually an Aeronautical Engineer. He worked for multinational companies in South Africa and Germany before coming to New Zealand in search of surf and snow. And now that he’s off the computer and on the tools, he’s loving it.

We love him because he’s sharp and witty. He’s making our days a lot more fun. But best of all, he has a wealth of engineering knowledge from his corporate days. He’s an awesome problem solver and is helping us improve efficiencies. That way we can get products to our customers faster!

Ricardo: —
“I got sick of being on the computer all the time, just a cog in the wheel and only doing theoretical stuff. It’s great to be doing physical work. And to be working for a family business where I can really make a difference. Then when I finish work each day — I can jump on my bike or go for a surf. I love the Bay lifestyle”

Tyral: —
“Ricardo brings awesome engineering nous into our business. He’s obviously very sharp, but he’s also very proactive and practical. He’s really going to help us step it up a notch and is already bringing in efficiencies and process improvements. Plus he’s a great guy and super quick on his mountain bike!”